Jigsaw 365

Jigsaw 365

Jigsaw 365 is a game of jigsaw puzzle for your PC
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Jigsaw 365 is a game of jigsaw puzzle for your PC.
This program will offer you to download a different jigsaw puzzle for each day of the year. The images are downloaded through an Internet connection and remain in your hard disk. You can even use your own pictures.

Jigsaw 365 offers 80 different puzzle styles. You can set the image size (Small, Medium or Large), the quantity of pieces (from 12 to 200), the style (with rounded, square or multi shaped images) and if you want to rotate pieces or not.

Jigsaw 365´s calendar interface makes it easy to find and play your favorite puzzles.

As you can play any puzzle applying a wide variety of styles, shapes and number of pieces, each image will provide you many variants. The time you used to complete the task is noted for every variant, so you can compete with others or yourself to beat the best times.

The program will alert you when some picture is not loaded in your system. It will offer you to download the month, groups of month or all of them.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s very addictive
  • The images are great
  • It´s very easy to use


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